Kitchen & Bath Classics, Wolseley Showroom, Vancouver, BC

Erin Woodworth

I have worked with Highlands over the past several months. We started with small renovations throughout our showroom, and ended up doing a full renovation. Andrew was nothing by professional to work with. He and his team were timely in getting us our initial quote, and quick to respond to any changes we made going into the project. The project and construction team that Andrew provided were a pleasure to have on site. The whole team were very respectful to our staff and clients, and accommodating to the landlord when we needed to work different hours. The workmanship that Highlands completed was exactly what was promised and expected. If we needed any adjustments, they were done immediately, and with no complaints. I would highly recommend the Highlands team for commercial renovations.

Vancouver, BC

Andrea Mercer

Highlands just finished a major renovation on our main floor including the kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, wainscoting, tiling, and enclosing our deck . Andrew is exceptionally knowledgeable and helped us design the look that we wanted while teaching us how which materials to focus on and also talked us out of a few ideas that would have either wasted money or clashed with our design. Cameron, Colin, and the rest of the team are some of the nicest and most will spoken tradesmen we have ever had in our home .We looked forward to their arrival every day. Despite a few challenges and surprises along the way, the Highlands team always set clear expectations, and they followed through with everything. They showed respect for our home, our budget, and our family. We will definitely be hiring them again for our next project.

Heritage Mountain Daycare

Nasim Khatibijah

We had a great experience. The staff was very professional and always so polite.  They kept their work space clean and tidy. We had regular walk-throughs with the Project Manager which was very helpful for us to keep everything organized, throughout the project. Whenever we had concerns or question, we were impressed at their communication and transparency.  They were professional and timely when corresponding with us. I already recommend Highlands Master Builders to everyone I meet, with pleasure.

Bright Star Counselling

Sonja Latifpour

We have done many renovations in the past, but Highlands crew was outstanding. It is rare to find a construction company that has so much knowledge and experience and has the leadership to see a project through from the beginning to the end. They were always onsite, early in the morning. They were pleasant, polite and always cleaned up at the end of the day. We were actually sad when they left, as they were like family friends staying at our house!

If you want a great crew, outstanding workmanship, transparent and easy to understand billing this is THE company! We would hire Andrew and the guys back for another project any time. Thank you again for going the extra mile – we are very grateful.

Residential - Delta, BC

Robert M.

We greatly appreciated your outstanding designs, your excellent advice, and your help in getting this project underway. Many, many thanks–I knew we would be in good hands with you. I have the feeling you treat all your clients this way and that’s why your reputation is so stellar.

RE/Max Select Properties, Vancouver, BC

Susan Upton

What appealed to the buyers…was the balance between the old and the new, the preservation of the original features of the house, set off by the new open and lighter look. A friend who showed the house to her cousin, an architect, told me that he liked the kitchen enormously and has used it to inspire his own designs. Highest form of flattery.

Woseley Canada Inc, Burnaby, BC

Mike Heeps

Wolseley Canada Inc has partnered with Highlands Master Builders on a variety of projects across the lower mainland, with several more planned for the future. Some projects have been minor renovations to our existing stores, others have been major projects such as new showrooms and additions to our facilities. At the end of the day, Highlands always steps up to the plate to make sure things are done right. They have consistently completed projects on time and on budget.

Highland’s teams are reliable – instead of dealing with new faces on every project, we work with the same people who understand our business and how we do things. This stability, across both project management and construction, saves us considerable time and effort, as we don’t have to educate them on our processes on each new project. It’s a great combination – a partner who is easy to work with, but also focused on quality, value, and the success of our business.

Residential - Port Moody, BC

Devon G.

I was most satisfied with the quality of work completed by Highlands Master Builders…I was concerned we were doing something appropriate for the current house, and they explained everything very well and treated us well.

BOSCO Companies

John Cohen

Highlands Master Builders has performed several major renovations for our firm that have ranged in cost from $200,000 to $3 Million. The majority of these projects included a complete replacement of building mechanical and electrical systems. Their work has been superior, completed within the project schedule and within budget. We would not hesitate to have Highlands work on any future projects and would highly recommend them to you.

Residential - Vancouver, BC

Emily Park

We just wanted to tell you how delighted we are with the final product. We really could not have imagined how big and beautiful our kitchen would be, but we are very glad that you could! Your firm’s work has exceeded our expectations. Victor and Steven and their crew did a phenomenal job. They constructed a beautiful kitchen area and they thought of every detail. They were very thoughtful and courteous, cleaning up every visible speck of dust every day and keeping the remainder of the house very livable. Colin’s many talents speak for themselves, and we are thrilled that we got to work with him.. Thank you for creating this wonderful space that our family will enjoy for years to come.

Residential - Vancouver, BC

Andrew McCullough

Highlands Master Builders turned our boring BC box into a beautiful, functional living space. They listened to our needs and ideas and gave us graceful solutions that far exceeded our expectations. Highland’s cost was told to me upfront and there was never a deviation from that cost. It is a joy every day to live within the practical and elegant spaces Highlands designed and built for us. I would strongly recommend Highlands.

Residential - Surrey, BC

Michael Ross

Everyone has truly done a remarkable job and we couldn’t be happier with the work. The experience was vastly improved by the fact that Sean cleaned up meticulously every single day, and that everyone was so pleasant to be around. And the attention to detail and the care with which everything was done, was truly remarkable. Sean filled us in at every step of the way, always with as much enthusiasm as professionalism – a truly winning combination. It was a pleasure working with someone who takes his job so seriously. Thank you all for all the wonderful work!

Siena Developments

Craig Parker

Highlands played a key role in transforming a vacant lot into a distinctive Office and Retail project They successfully addressed the many challenges of the project site and thrived in the urban environment. The Superintendent and Management team exceeded Siena’s expectations; whether dealing with the technical requirements of deep foundation work, constructing the infrastructure for a fully automated car parking system, collaborating with the City to ensure safe pedestrian walkways or meeting the needs of adjacent business Owners throughout construction. The professional manner in which the Highlands staff handled themselves is worthy of recognition. The personal involvement of Andrew Macintosh from pre-construction through closeout added confidence to the entire project team.

Residential - Vancouver, BC

Sarah B.

I just wanted to tell you how happy we are with the work you designed and oversaw…We are so proud to show the kitchen and family room to friends and relatives,  and love their reactions (gasps of awe and jealousy). Colin and Sean were amazing, working so hard — every single day, beginning at 8am — and paying such close attention to details I never would have noticed. They clearly treated this job as their “baby,” not wanting to cut corners even if they could get away with it…They also were great about cleaning up; I am positive the garage is cleaner now than before this job started!

Residential - Vancouver, BC

Henry Quon

I just want to take a moment to let you guys know just how happy we are with the designs. I was fully prepared to be disappointed because I had wild expectations and was incredibly excited. Instead I was blown away by every design you gave us. Any one of the addition designs would have more than satisfied my expectations and the fact I have two choose between them is incredible. Each one is so different but capture everything I wanted…Thank you so much for everything you have done so far.

Choice Properties, Coquitlam, BC

Ron Miller

Following the performance of a project, we evaluate the performance of the subcontractors for consideration on future projects…..As a result of this evaluation, your receipt of this letter indicates that your firm received a 9 or higher out of 10 for the project noted. Congratulations, and thank you for helping us make this a successful project.

Residential - Burnaby, BC

Susan Wentworth

I had several ideas on how to overhaul my galley kitchen and family room but Highlands gave me three fantastic designs that had never occurred to me. I ended up choosing a combination of two of the designs. When they began work, they were at the house working every single weekday, with no exceptions. Their attention to detail went way beyond what I would have noticed. They cared a great deal about the quality of their work and took pride in it. They finished ahead of schedule, and we could not be more pleased with the results.

Commercial - Coquitlam, BC


This letter is written to express the high regard in which we hold Highlands Master Builders. We have worked on three projects with Highlands and found their professionalism, experience and follow through to be unparalleled. This brand of allegiance is a rare find these days. We wholeheartedly recommend Highlands for future projects.

Residential - Coquitlam, BC

Amy Lee

We had a terrific experience with Highlands. I called at least 4 or 5 different contractors in the area and Andrew was 1 of 2 that even bothered to call back. We were able to quickly schedule an estimate. We chose Highlands to do the work based on a competitive price and the promptness and courtesy of the company. Andrew provided us pictures of the work they did and explained what work was performed. I highly recommend Highlands to anyone looking for contractors, especially in the Tri-Cities area. We were very pleased with the work that was done. The pricing was fair and competitive with other contractors. The company was very courteous and responsive.

Residential - Vancouver, BC

Bobby & Grace M.

I called three contractors to repair my old cracked stucco siding. Highlands estimate for the repair was not only competitive but included services the other two omitted. Andrew took the time to provide me a detailed explanation of my options and in the end I opted to replace the stucco with a high quality fiber-cement siding. In addition Highlands re-coated the flat portion of my roof and sealed all areas that entered the house. The work was scheduled and started the day after I signed the contract and I still can’t get over how much better the house looks. My final recommendation – Don’t do a siding repair or replacement without calling Highlands first. Get several estimates, and in the end, when you compare the value and quality of workmanship, I’m sure you’ll be singing there praises too.

Wyndham Worldwide

Stuart V.

Highlands Master Builders recently completed a major renovation of our hotel in Vancouver, BC. The work took place in a fully operational hotel and included the renovation of structural, mechanical and plumbing systems. This project was a “fast track” project and Highlands work was on time and under budget.