Retrofitting Your Business for COVID Safety Compliance

Coming to Terms with the ‘New Normal’

As we deal with the “new normal” that the Coronavirus has introduced, our businesses must forge ahead and adapt to the challenging, and ever-changing landscape.

In partnership with DOS Design Group, Highlands Master Builders can help you outfit your business with social distancing solutions that help to eliminate contact with airborne droplets and other contaminants.

Protective Barriers

Our acrylic hygiene sneeze guards allow businesses to remain open because they not only protect employees such as cashiers and receptionists, they also reassure and protect customers. Typically used in medical facilities, or areas with an increased tendency to encounter sick individuals, our protective barriers are ideal for businesses and organizations that need to operate in a safe and manageable way. These products do not have metal surfaces. This feature lessens the infectious lifespan for all contaminating viruses.

  1. They can be shipped pre-assembled for easy installation and removal.
  2. We are also able to provide custom protective barrier solutions for an additional cost.