Electrical & Lighting Plans

Lighting has a BIG IMPACT on the rooms in your house or the work spaces in your office. A beautiful room can look unattractive because of bad lighting and an uninviting space can become much more appealing, thanks to quality lighting.  Light is a powerful tool that can enhance an environment via the careful use and interplay of light and space, light and form, light and surfaces, light and texture, light and colour and most importantly, light and people.

A successful scheme can enhance or reinterpret a space. It can also support brand values, enhance productivity, improve well-being, provide drama and dictate ambience. Even the dullest of spaces can be improved by a well-considered lighting scheme.

Colour Management

The use of lighting can add to or subtract from the overall colours of a room or from only those surfaces the light is meant to enhance. Darker colours make a room feel smaller and cramped, while light-coloured walls do the opposite. The illusion of space is defined by light reflected off the surfaces of the walls. In addition, directional lighting, such as track lights or directional pot-lights, can soften the wall colours. There is also recessed lighting, which has a soft, downward glow that illuminates the floors and not the walls. This is opposed to lights hung from the center of the room, which provides ambient illumination, or wall lighting. In both cases, this can affect how light or dark a coloured section can appear.

Light Layering

Just as an interior designer layers colours or fabric, lighting designers use three layers of light – ambient, accent, and task lighting – to enhance a room’s visual appeal.  The ambient lighting layer could also be referred to as the “general lighting” layer.

  1. Ambient lighting should give your room overall illumination that provides an adequate vision of the entire area.
  2. The second layer of light is known as the accent lighting layer. This layer can also be referred to as the “decorative” layer because it allows you to highlight points of interest in your interiors such as architecture, artwork, or anything other features that can’t be made more prominent just with ambient lighting.
  3. Task lighting, the final layer of lighting design, provides illumination for specific tasks performed in an area. When choosing light for this task lighting, you should first evaluate what is done in that designated area. For example, if you typically read in your favorite chair near the bookshelf, you may want a floor lamp or swing arm sconce for better reading light.


One leading role of lighting in the interior setting is functionality. Lighting needs to serve a purpose, or it simply wastes electricity. Chandeliers are not only used in large, open foyers, entryways and rooms because of their centrally themed placement but also because they provide excellent illumination for the room. Wall lights add length and size, visually, to an entryway hall, as well as light the way. Consider the style of lighting you want to ensure you get the best directional or luminescent type for the setting. Look into task-specific lighting for desks and other work areas where functionality is more important than overall room illumination.

Energy Efficiency

We are aware that energy costs and efficiency today are more important than ever. In each project, we aim for a result with a small ecological footprint and robust performance in terms of sustainability and energy consumption. Light control is a way to make your lighting perform better on these elements. By using dimmers and intelligent controls, for instance, you can enlighten a space to the task that is performed in that location. Integration with other ventilation or smart home technologies can also play a role in this.

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Yes. All Highlands Master Builders projects are protected by a 2 year warranty on all labour and materials. In some cases, materials may be warranted by the manufacturer for up to 25 years. We also offer extended warranties and extended service contracts to ensure your project looks great well into the future.

These terms are broken down in the contract based on progress with a completion date included. Once the work is completed to a pre-determined point, a pre-determined payment is made, with final payment due upon completion.

The budget and a reasonable time frame are stated in the contract, which is signed by all parties with copies provided before breaking ground or the start any project. Our goal is to get your project finished as quickly as possible and stay on budget so we can move on to the next job. Check with our references and you can see for yourself if it’s not due to nature or outside forces, we do what we say, when we say.

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