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Highlands Master Builders understands how crucial the pre-construction phase is to our clients. That’s why we offer a full range of pre-construction services that allows us to identify and tackle constructability issues early on and develop cost-effective and innovative solutions.

The easiest way to avoid problems during construction is to ensure that your project is thoughtfully planned out down to the last detail well in advance. Ideally, at the pre-construction stage we implement value engineering, risk mitigation, development and management of the project budget, and logistic and procurement services.

Satisfied clients are our number one priority, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure they get the best from their investment. Have a specific project that requires our wealth of experience? Our services are designed to resolve the most complex projects.

Our Pre-Construction Services:

Our Pre-Construction Services Provide These Key Advantages

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our experts will suggest lower-cost alternatives for design concepts, material selections, and building systems while preserving the quality, functionality and economics of the project.

Contractor Input on Design

Our team of construction professionals have a vast array of expertise which allows us to foresee anticipated problems and offer out-of-the-box solutions to many design and build issues. We save our clients the headache and extra costs associated with dealing with these complications that usually arise after a project has already begun.

Buildable Construction

With constant innovation in the construction industry, the success of any project is entirely dependent on the quality of the project plan.  Whether it’s a feasibility study, a budget analysis, a development plan, or assistance with local zoning or building bylaws our team has the skill and experience to ensure successful planning.

Real Construction Costs

We can offer clients essential information needed to make smart decisions at every stage of the project to reduce operating costs and environmental impact. Implementing these solutions effectively requires analyzing the up-front costs versus the long-term gains to determine which resolutions are right for the project.

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Highlands Master Builders carries a 5 million dollar general liability policy, and complete coverage by WCB. We also offer additional course of construction insurance to our clients at discounted rates through our partner, Federated Insurance.

Yes. All Highlands Master Builders projects are protected by a 2 year warranty on all labour and materials. In some cases, materials may be warranted by the manufacturer for up to 25 years. We also offer extended warranties and extended service contracts to ensure your project looks great well into the future.

These terms are broken down in the contract based on progress with a completion date included. Once the work is completed to a pre-determined point, a pre-determined payment is made, with final payment due upon completion.

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Sonja Latifpour Bright Star Counselling

We have done many renovations in the past, but Highlands crew was outstanding. It is rare to find a construction company that has so much knowledge and experience and has the leadership to see a project through from the beginning to the end. They were always onsite, early in the morning. They were pleasant, polite and always cleaned up at the end of the day. We were actually sad when they left, as they were like family friends staying at our house!

If you want a great crew, outstanding workmanship, transparent and easy to understand billing this is THE company! We would hire Andrew and the guys back for another project any time. Thank you again for going the extra mile – we are very grateful.