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Retail Centres

Highlands Master Builders has extensive experience in creating retail spaces. We can provide a custom-made retail or restaurant building solution that is aesthetically appealing, multi-purposeful and functional. Whether you’re looking for a modern building to stand out among others or looking to blend in with the surroundings, Highlands Master Builders has the design expertise to meet your needs.

Highlands Master Builders offers clear span frames with column free space for the retail floor, maximizing space for your inventory. Our team has extensive experience working on tight deadlines to ensure your new operation opens smoothly.  Retail construction projects have special requirements that we understand and can guide you on how to best design and layout the space.


It’s widely accepted that seeing a product image in a catalogue or online can result in huge customer engagement and sales. Imagery is an art form now. However, to see a product in the flesh can have even greater outcomes, which is why the showroom is of such great importance.  It’s an instrumental tool in promoting products and services. Having products displayed in a showroom can help a customer visualise how they will benefit from purchasing and help gently persuade them more favourably towards your products and/services.

Highlands Master Builders specializes in designing, building and renovating automotive & commercial sales buildings, garages, as well as repair and cabinetry shops.

We know that a well-designed showroom layout is one of the key strategies to your business’s success. We can tailor build your new showroom or renovate your existing showroom to drive additional sales, maximize use of square footage and foster positive attitudes within staff and customers, alike.

Automotive showrooms

Automotive showroom construction comes in a variety of different designs, finishes and quality. Highlands Master Builders can assist you with your showroom, offices and even the garage workshop construction or renovations. Our experts can accommodate just about any varying feature and design need that you may have.

Depending on your market and business, we can build or renovate your showroom to provide the image your customers associate with your brand. These showrooms differ from small offices with open-air concrete display, to prestige fully enclosed showrooms with customer lounges and purpose-built ramps and platforms for display. In our experience, the showroom serves as the anchor for your vehicle lot and it’s imperative that the aesthetics of the building promote the appeal of the car buying experience.

Highlands Master Builders can build a column-free, open concept showroom with spans up to 100 feet. We can also incorporate custom design layouts, such as luxury lounge areas for customers, partitioning offices and areas for heavy machinery storage. We combine a metal building system with a wide array of exterior finishes like ACMs, IMPs, EIFS and other building products such as glass and masonry, ensuring your building will be equipped with a unique look to showcase your fleet of vehicles. We can design your automotive building with a flexible layout for office spaces and multi-bay structures for service centers as well as accommodate for roll-up garage doors.

With space requirements in mind, the design of your automotive building is completely customizable to your project ideas.

Retail Showrooms

Retail showrooms come in a variety of sizes, from relatively small suites in flex/tech buildings, strip plazas and retail centres to stand-alone structures that offer several acres of floor space.

Retail construction and renovation is both a creative and commercial discipline, combining several areas of expertise to successfully design and construct a retail building that will optimally showcase products and support a business’s continued growth. At Highlands Master Builders, our expert design and build team knows how much the layout and construction of a retail showroom influences a customer’s behavior, the store’s flow, merchandise placement, ambiance and how much revenue is being generated per square foot.

Our fully-integrated team of multidisciplinary specialists are charged with optimizing and reducing the time to convert each new build from inception to completion, so you can begin getting a return on your investment. We can build a retail space that’s both modern and industrial with high tech architecture, open suspended grid ceilings, significant electrical wiring that support dozens of different types of lighting technologies, displayed in real-world commercial / industrial settings. We think out-of-the-box and can help you incorporate your brand in the showroom’s new design. For example, if you are a retailer with more than one location, we can integrate a blend of steel building construction and tilt-up construction so that it is an architectural factor consistent from location to location. This establishes a single “look” that customers can associate with your brand and product selection.

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Highlands Master Builders carries a 5 million dollar general liability policy, and complete coverage by WCB. We also offer additional course of construction insurance to our clients at discounted rates through our partner, Federated Insurance.

Yes. All Highlands Master Builders projects are protected by a 2 year warranty on all labour and materials. In some cases, materials may be warranted by the manufacturer for up to 25 years. We also offer extended warranties and extended service contracts to ensure your project looks great well into the future.

These terms are broken down in the contract based on progress with a completion date included. Once the work is completed to a pre-determined point, a pre-determined payment is made, with final payment due upon completion.

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Nasim Khatibijah Heritage Mountain Daycare

We had a great experience. The staff was very professional and always so polite.  They kept their work space clean and tidy. We had regular walk-throughs with the Project Manager which was very helpful for us to keep everything organized, throughout the project. Whenever we had concerns or question, we were impressed at their communication and transparency.  They were professional and timely when corresponding with us. I already recommend Highlands Master Builders to everyone I meet, with pleasure.

Sonja Latifpour Bright Star Counselling

We have done many renovations in the past, but Highlands crew was outstanding. It is rare to find a construction company that has so much knowledge and experience and has the leadership to see a project through from the beginning to the end. They were always onsite, early in the morning. They were pleasant, polite and always cleaned up at the end of the day. We were actually sad when they left, as they were like family friends staying at our house!

If you want a great crew, outstanding workmanship, transparent and easy to understand billing this is THE company! We would hire Andrew and the guys back for another project any time. Thank you again for going the extra mile – we are very grateful.

Robert M. Residential - Delta, BC

We greatly appreciated your outstanding designs, your excellent advice, and your help in getting this project underway. Many, many thanks–I knew we would be in good hands with you. I have the feeling you treat all your clients this way and that’s why your reputation is so stellar.