Warehouses are often co-located with other types of facilities, such as distribution centres, retail stores, manufacturing centres and frequently share the same building with administrative offices. They used to be a relatively straight forward new construction project, but over time the requirements for warehouses can be quite complex. For example, a new warehouse design may include new advancements in inventory control and other types of automation.

Metal buildings are often the most economical, durable and cost-effective structures to house large uninterrupted spaces of square footage. Utilizing clear span frames provides the open interior floor space for which warehouse and distribution centers are known. Understanding the height requirements for such massive spaces that will likely house large equipment or cranes, while factoring in loading docks and steel roll-up doors, frequently makes metal building systems the solution of choice for distribution centers and warehouses.

We can accommodate and support HVAC and mechanical systems in our distribution and warehouse centers that include advance inventory control and conveyor systems. All our warehouses are built to adhere to current health and safety standards, especially those storing perishable items.

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No, Highlands is very cost effective. Because of our scale and industry partnerships we buy at a better rate than typical builders and can therefore be more cost effective for our customers. We also detail all our costs in a completely transparent budget breakdown so you can see where every dollar is spent.

Our focus on careful project management also saves significant time and money for our clients. Most people who have undertaken renovations will have experienced delays and budget overruns due to the poor co-ordination or inconsistent briefing of sub-trades. Highlands addresses both of these areas with formal project management processes.

Project management takes cost out of the project. By managing the entire project and having good processes we are able to take inefficiencies and costs out of the project and avoid those unexpected surprises. Many clients have felt that they could have run their project without a project manager or general contractor, but the truth is that with our combined buying power and ability to complete the project quickly, it may be much cheaper to use our services than to try and do it on your own.

We are very blessed to say that over 50% of our customers come to us or are referred to us from customers we’ve performed for in the past. As you will see, there is a reason for such a loyal client base.

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Sonja Latifpour Bright Star Counselling

We have done many renovations in the past, but Highlands crew was outstanding. It is rare to find a construction company that has so much knowledge and experience and has the leadership to see a project through from the beginning to the end. They were always onsite, early in the morning. They were pleasant, polite and always cleaned up at the end of the day. We were actually sad when they left, as they were like family friends staying at our house!

If you want a great crew, outstanding workmanship, transparent and easy to understand billing this is THE company! We would hire Andrew and the guys back for another project any time. Thank you again for going the extra mile – we are very grateful.