Reasons Why People Love Open Floor Plans

When people talk about floor plans, the first thing that comes to mind is the open concept floor plan. Open concept homes are a modern must-have since gaining considerable popularity in the 1990s. The open floor plan is stylish and creates a sense of freedom around the home. It enhances communication and increases collaboration. Keeping an eye on children and guests is much easier, as well. And with a current push towards the importance of the natural light, tearing down walls seems like a natural fit. The open floor plan ensures that rooms lacking natural light benefit from the light coming in through the windows. Ease of access is very important, and an open floor concept eliminates all forms of hindrances while moving around the home. Goodbye to wall and doors slowing you down.

There are several reasons to consider if you were thinking about switching to an open floor plan. We’ve cherry picked our best 7 reasons. Check them out and see if you agree.

1. Less light bulbs and more natural light

An open floor plan has the power to transform the look of your home. It also improves the general feeling of your home. The open floor plan enables natural light to touch most part of your home. Did you know that natural light enhances people’s overall mood and increases productivity? It can even improve a person’s sleep patterns.

Open floor concepts have the ability to give you access to the natural benefits of the outdoors form the comfort of indoors. Depending on your home’s exterior landscape, this free-flowing open space that extends outside can be admired throughout the year and its seasons.

2. Connects the indoor and outdoor space

Open floor plans enable a smooth transition from indoors to the outdoors. The indoor space can be expanded outdoors to meet a deck or patio. With the aid of large doors and windows, you can create a connection between spaces easily. Imagine preparing a delicious dinner for family or friends, inside, and then moving outdoors to the patio to enjoy a sunset over after dinner drinks or dessert.  The open floor system makes it feel natural and enhances seamless interaction between people in a continuously flowing atmosphere.

3. Creates the sense of a bigger home

Walls have a way of taking up a lot of useful spaces in your home. Get rid of the walls and almost instantaneously you have a larger home. That’s why open floor plans are a cost-effective way to add square footage to a home, as opposed to expanding or adding on a room. It easily gives people a feeling of spaciousness and that guests can comfortably stretch out and relax.

4. Adds flexibility to the home

Open floor plans add a lot of flexibility to a home. It blurs out most of the gap between the rooms. For example, if the sitting room is connected to the dining room, the gap between them begins to fade.

It provides you with a lot of options during renovations, changing a home’s decor or when arranging a floor layout. There are no limitations as to how you want to use your space.

5. Ideal for family and guests

If you are the type who loves hosting parties and events, this kind of floor plan is ideal. It helps your guest easily walk around and mingle freely. As a host, you can stay within your guest’s sight and conversations flow easier than if there is a wall between voices. Also, people generally feel relaxed in a home that does not have barriers that compartmentalize them.

6. Ideal floor plan for the modern kitchen

Kitchens are a very important aspect of every home today. It provides more than just a cooking space; the modern kitchen is the backbone of most homes. Families spend a lot quality time in the kitchen. Therefore, it’s much more convenient and natural to have a floor plan that allows more interaction between people.

Kitchens designed with barrier walls between the dining area and the kitchen tend to be cramped and barely supports family togetherness. With an open concept, there aren’t walls to separate the two spaces.  Natural light from the dining area spills into the kitchen, making it feel even more open and light.

7. Increases a home’s resale value

The open floor plan provides you with more than relaxation. It is a form of investment. Recent research has found that open floor plan homes are among the highest reselling homes. This is because they provide a lot of opportunities for a growing family to rearrange the home efficiently.  The free-flowing space that extends seems to be a modern design in homes that is here to stay, fostering togetherness and relaxation.