Office Renovation Guide and Checklist

A Checklist for Successful Office Renovation Planning

Whether you are a business owner, a commercial landlord or an office tenant, a commercial office renovation can be a smart investment. An attractive office can improve employee productivity, raise property values, and attract more affluent, higher-paying tenants and/or customers to your property or business.

As with any project, good planning leads to great results. This handy office renovation checklist and planning guide can help you plan an office renovation that meets your goals and expectations.

Highlands Master Builders wants to provide the most efficient office renovation possible. To do so, we’ve provided the following guide and checklist of those things you should think about before you start.

Part 1: Identify Your Office Renovation Goals. Getting clear on your primary goals will help you keep the project on track and on budget.

How can this renovation improve things for each group of stakeholders, and why? Consider this question separately for the building owner, current and future tenants, employees, investors and customers.

  1. How can this renovation serve future and current needs?
  2. What are your highest priorities?
  3. When is your deadline for completion?
  4. Don’t forget to enlist the help of others in your company. A team approach really helps!

Part 2: Assess Your Property for Code and Compliance.

Before planning specifics, inspect your current facility, and familiarize yourself with code and compliance regulations you will need to meet. It’s a good idea to consult with a general contractor or building performance expert to assist in this process.

  1. Is the basic structure of your building and office sound?
  2. Is the property in need of remediation from environmental hazards such as mold, radon, lead paint or asbestos?
  3. Are the facility’s HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems adequate and up to code?
  4. Are there sustainability certifications or green initiatives you would like to achieve?
  5. Be prepared to adjust your budget and timeline to allow for any necessary code-related upgrades.

Part 3: Create a Realistic Budget.

The most successful planners consider both known and unanticipated expenses. It can help to start with a list of office renovation ideas, and then evaluate them according to the following:

  1. Identify your core needs to be sure they are included.
  2. Identify your wants (above and beyond your needs). It doesn’t hurt to make a wish list, but scrutinize each item that is not a core requirement to be certain you are not spending needlessly.
  3. Think value rather than price. For instance, quality materials that hold up over time will be far less expensive in the long run.
  4. Set aside 10 percent of your planned office renovation cost as contingency against unforeseen expenses.

Part 4: Consider ROI.

  1. Is this a realistic office renovation that will allow you to recoup your investment?
  2. How will this office renovation deliver ROI? Consider the potential for increased productivity, higher rent, higher customer satisfaction, sustainability, etc.
  3. Consider long-term expenses (such as maintenance costs) as well as short-term expenses.
  4. Is the investment justified considering the amount of time you will likely remain in the space?
  5. Will your office renovation ideas make the space attractive to future occupants?

Part 5: Set a Realistic Schedule.

  1. If you can, schedule the renovation to happen during a less busy time of year.
  2. Is there a seasonal business lull of which you can take advantage?
  3. When are contractors more readily available? Sometimes you can negotiate lower labor rates during the off-season.
  4. What are your major project timelines? Can you complete the project in phases?

Need Help Planning Your Office Renovation?

A logical and systematic approach will ensure that your office-remodeling project goes as smoothly as possible. Enlisting the help of an experienced facility management company will also eliminate much of the guesswork, and help keep the project on time and on budget. Our expert staff would be happy to answer any questions you may have about planning your office renovation. Call us at 604.474.3388 or contact us online to get started.