Modern Office Designs Improves Productivity

How office designs improve productivity

Research has shown that office design has a way of affecting people differently. It can either improve or reduce employee productivity. Have you been thinking of turning an uninspiring office into something that ‘wows’ visitors and motivates current and prospective employees? Modern office design has advanced far beyond the traditional space we’ve grown to know. Just in case you are still on the fence about an office renovation, below are some tips you may want to consider to help your office design move from traditional to modern and trending.

Employee Efficiency

Staff performance is at the core of every company’s growth. Your employees spend 40 hours in the office, so creating a positive office atmosphere can increase creativity and innovation, improve employee retention and overall happiness, as well as increase energy and proficiency – saving the company time and money in the long run.

Companies like Facebook, Hubspot and Google have a very similar workplace culture that is being followed by many companies across Canada. They have designed their workplace to increase employee morale and improve productivity and overall positivity.


Proper lighting promotes employee efficiency and can decrease errors by up to 60%. The right office lighting can keep employees alert and focused, while a poorly lit room can lead to tiredness, headaches, and eye discomfort. Over time, poor lighting increases eye strain, which can eventually lead to depression.

A well-lit office is an ideal office. Bright lights easily elevate a person’s mood, giving them a sense of motivation and a better response rate.  In an article published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), they note that a dimly lit office or at too many artificial lights tend to make employees sluggish, tired and can affect cortisol levels. This makes it difficult to manage stress and can increase mood disorders.

Efficient office design also requires that your office design expose employees to natural light. This helps to maintain an overall positive mindset throughout the day.

An excerpt from the 2014 Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine has linked employee well-being to natural lights in the office.  According to Andrew Jensen, a business efficiency expert, workers are happier in offices with more room for natural light revolving. A good lighting system is meant to supplement the natural light, not replace it.

We advise our clients to invest in automatic LED fixtures. This kind of light feels gentler to the eye. They are designed to adjust automatically for a more natural feeling.

Specialized Furniture

Employees spend a ton of time working at their desks, so investing in quality furniture improves their comfort, collaboration, interaction and productivity.

Some things to consider when choosing to upgrade your office furniture:

  • Modern offices are equipped with ergonomic furniture, such as adjustable workstations to give employees the option of standing or sitting while at the computer.
  • Computer monitors are best at eye level or below the eye. Also, make sure at each workstation that the eye is 24-36 inches away from the computer screen.
  • Ergonomic chairs are a great way to help employees minimize back problems and general aches and pains. They can be easily adjusted to suit most anyone. Chair posture should be slightly reclined. This can help reduce the amount of pressure on your spine. This also helps to reduce lower back pain.

Avoid Office Clutter

Modern office design should create space for easy navigation. Traditionally, offices have had an unnecessary amount of furniture and file clusters.

Presently, a lot of renovated offices have implemented breakout spaces. These areas are designed to give employees an alternative space to work away from their desks. It’s been an attractive selling point when recruiting millennials.  Be creative with your office floor plan to maximize collaboration and giving employees the option to choose how they work, within the office, that gives them a bit more flexibility and comfort. Ultimately, this will give your employees a sense that they are valuable and that their happiness is important.


For more information and inspiration when it comes to renovating your office space, get in touch. Our experts can check out your office and talk about your space’s potential.