Brilliant Kitchen and Bathroom Trends of 2019

At Highlands Master Builders, we like to keep our thumbs on the pulse of the industry. After attending Vancouver’s Home & Garden Show, we’re breaking down our favourite kitchen and bathroom trends that will keep you in-the-know. So, if you’ve been mulling over whether or not to say ‘yes!’ to renovating in 2019, these trends may be the tipping point you were looking for.

2019 Kitchen Trend – Stainless Steel Countertops

1. Concrete Countertops

Concrete is such a fun material, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. It’s not only durable, heat and scratch resistant, but it is easily customizable and the appearance can actually improve with age. You can also add your unique personalization, like embedded recycled materials, natural stones, shells, glass and much more. These touches can add a soft industrial look to your space.


2. Stainless Steel Countertops

There are obvious reasons stainless steel countertops are used in most restaurant kitchens throughout the world. It’s highly hygienic and doesn’t stain.  This material is also heat resistant and durable. It can also add a nice clean finish look to a kitchen since most modern appliances come in stainless steel.


3. Quartz

Quartz has been an abiding trends for years. It’s extremely durable in kitchen and bathroom spaces that are constantly used and the material is highly resistant to staining.  Quartz is not only strong, but it is one of the most hygenic countertop option for homeowners. It comes in many patterns and colours and mimics the look of many natural stones.

4. Spa Like Designs

This will add a elegant touch to any bathroom renovation. Marble walls, heated floors and steam showers offer a sense of indulgence while soaker tubs and easy to care for wet rooms add therapeutic beauty to your private space.

5. A Water Space

This bathroom trend has been in the forefront of bathroom renovations, especially in small bathrooms. This  innovative layout allows the space to appear larger than it really is. The type of bathroom design, also called a wet room, is outfitted with water friendly materials, such as limestone, marble and mosaic glass tiles. With only one or two simple glass barriers, this type of design offers a level of stunning visual elegance to any bathroom.

2019 Kitchen Trends – Gold Accents, Pendant Lighting & Dark Tones

6. Gold and Copper Accents

Warm metals as fixture accents are gaining considerable  momentum and we just love it! Incorporating gold, brass, and copper in your kitchen and bathroom renovation is a great strategy for adding texture, depth and visual interest. These natural elements give off a classy vibe and are easily recycled.

7. Darker/moodier pattern

While white kitchens have been on trend, darker coloured kitchens are a great alternative to standard ivories. Dark tones give off a moodier ambiance, creating a distinctly rich and dramatic design.  This is a very bold option for kitchen and bathrooms. It gives off a spa type feel and and adds a sultry touch to your home.

8. Unique Sinks

Another trend dominating the home renovation arena are uniquely designed sinks. These sinks are tech savvy, touchless, interestingly designed and made from eco-friendly materials. They are unique statement pieces and will have guests saying, “Where did you get that from?”.

9. Pendant Lighting

We can’t talk about renovation trends without discussing lighting. Pendant light designs are gaining considerable interest just like the other 2019 trends because people are able to mix materials and textures to personalize the finished look. Hammered glass, blown glass pendants and mixing industrial metals with hanging crystals add a beautiful, soft look to your home.

10. Colourful Grout

You may not be aware, but grout doesn’t just come in the standard shades of white, gray and beige. It has the ability to transform a  room entirely without costing a ton.  Small details like this can give that extra WOW factor and add graphic kicks of colour to your home.